Pastor’s Recommendation

Recommendation by Pastor Ian Western 12/8/11

Dear Pastor:

It gives me great joy to commend to you the flrst edition of Sharpened Arrows. lt has been the burden of the Editor, Simeon Western, to have a paper that would specifically encourage children of parents in full-time Christian ministry. While it is a great privilege to grow up in the home of a godly pastor, missionary or evangelist, there are, nevertheless, unique expectations and pressures that come upon our children. Sometimes people put unrealistic expectations on our children, simply because they were born into a ministry home. Sometimes our children have to watch their parents suffer at the hands of the people they have loved and minìstered to. Our children enter enthusiastically into the service of the “temple”, as young Samuels, even before they know the Lord themselves. Their service to the Lord even at an early age has been invaluable to the ministry. Sadly, they sometimes become the targets of bitter church members, who seek to discredit the man of God through his children. High above all this, the Lord is still working Roman 8:28 in the lives of our offspring. Sharpened Arrows is a ministry of the Golden West Baptist Church. Articles for the paper will primarily be sought from young people of the ministry. We do pray that God will use Sharpened Arrows to particularly bless your family.

Yours in His Glad Service

Ian Western (Pastor)

Editors Note: Since this ministry was launched we have broadened the scope to encompass not only young people in ministry but youth and young adults in general. Our desire is that as many of God’s people as possible will be blessed through the publication.