About Sharpened Arrows

Sharpened Arrows is a quarterly publication that was launched in July 2011 as a local church ministry of Golden West Independent Baptist Church Australia to encourage and edify preachers children, youth & young adults to stand for Christ in the battle for the truth.

For many years my heart has been burdened for children and young people from ministry homes. I have witnessed some of the fierce battles that rage for the hearts of such young people both personally and also in the lives of many of my peers. Each year brings fresh stories of those who have sadly fallen casualty to the devil’s darts on the battlefield. I see arrows that were once sharp for God blunt and broken by the world, the flesh and the devil. Lives that once shone with radiance for Christ, now shattered and darkened by sin. I believe that young people in ministry homes are special targets of Satan, yet there seems to be a lack of focused encouragement for them. Do you think the devil knows that one of the main qualifications of a Pastor is that his children be in subjection with all gravity (I Timothy 3:4-5)? Of course he does. A man of God’s success in the ministry rises and falls greatly depending on the spiritual temperature of his children. In wartime military strategists focus on key targets such as those in leadership knowing the ripple effect of their defeat will be felt by the whole army. Our enemy is a master strategist in the spiritual battle we find ourselves in as Christians. The Bible speaks of the devil’s ’devices’ in 2. Corinthians 2:11. Webster’s Dictionary defines the word ’device’ as, “contrivance, invention, fancy, scheme, plot.” Satan knows the potential damage a Spirit controlled young man or women will do to his kingdom. After all, Psalm 127 goes on to speak of children raised in godly homes as “speaking with the enemies in the gates” (Vs.5).

The title and theme text we have prayerfully chosen perfectly summarize the purpose of this paper; tosharpen our spiritual lives so that we might be used of God in the battle for truth. My heart’s burden is to see young men and women of the next generation stand up and be counted for our great and worthy Captain, the Lord Jesus Christ.  We trust you will subscribe and commit this ministry to prayer as we seek to glorify our great and worthy Saviour, Jesus Christ.

For Christ,

Simeon Western